200 N College
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Stated Meeting
First Tuesday, 6:30PM
Practice, Work, or Coffee
Every Tuesday, 6:30PM
Rainbow Assembly #11
Second and Fourth Monday, 7:00PM


Worshipful Master - Kelvin Hobbs

Senior Warden - Bob Weir P:.M:.

Junior Warden - Craig Reisbeck

Treasurer - Michael Lewis P:.M:.

Secretary - Christopher M. Hobbs P:.M:.

Senior Deacon - Robbie Howell

Junior Deacon - Wes Stephens P:.M:.

Tyler - Jason Rooney P:.M:.

Chaplain - Chris Mason

Masters of Ceremonies
Jon Martin P:.M:. & Greg Eiland

About Freemasonry

No doubt you are wondering what kind of an organization Freemasonry is. First, we would like to assure you that Freemasonry is a moral institution based upon the Fatherhood of God, and that the conferral of what we choose to call "Degrees" is a means of passing on certain basic time-honored truths by which men can live and fulfill God's hope for us as members of His community. The Holy Bible is always open on our altar when the Lodge is meeting and nothing happens in the Lodge that anyone would not be proud to participate in.

It is the intention of a Masonic Lodge that its members be so impressed with the lessons taught that their lives will be a mirror through which is reflected the beautiful lessons of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is a way of life that can be meaningful and the fulfillment of God's design for us here on earth.

Freemasonry is not a "fly-by-night" organization. Record history of Freemasonry in its present form goes back to the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717, and there is much evidence that it existed in some form as far back as the year 926. Its long life leaves no doubt that it is the will of God that Masonry is here today.

During these early times, our Masonic forefathers who were engaged as workmen on the cathedrals of Europe, not only discovered and developed their various construction skills, but they discovered and developed basic fundamental patterns of moral conduct that not only produced a better individual morally, but contributed tremendously to the formation of an orderly and decent society. In Freemasonry, we apply these patterns of moral conduct and strive to inspire our members to be better men, better husbands, and better fathers. We accept only those who, in our opinion, meet certain qualifications, but if Freemasonry does not make a man better, then Freemasonry has failed. You will benefit from Freemasonry according to your participation.

Our members become a part of a fellowship, that by action, has proven that when certain truths have been instilled into the hearts of our members, they will perform in their everyday lives, through personal or organized methods, in a manner pleasing to man and to our Maker. After a man has learned the truths taught in the three degrees of Masonry, his integrity and honesty are beyond question, and behavior among his fellows should be above reproach.

Freemasonry does not solicit membership. All of its members have asked to become members by seeking out a member and asking for a petition to join. If you are considering petitioning a local Lodge and are hoping of coming into the Lodge with the expectation that membership will provide social or business gain, you will be disappointed. That is not its purpose, though Freemasonry is known as a worthy organization and membership carries with it a great amount of prestige.

The charitable and benevolent activities of the Masonic Fraternity are perhaps well known to you. Be assured that the Masons of Arkansas have been ever willing to aid the distressed, assist children with their health and educational needs, feed the hungry and shelter the roofless. Over a period of years, the Grand Lodge of Arkansas has contributed substantially to many worthy causes throughout Arkansas.

There has never been an attempt to conceal the purpose, aims, and principles of Freemasonry. It is not a secret organization, but an organization with only certain concealed methods of recognizing each other. Masons proudly wear emblems of the craft; therefore no effort is made to conceal membership.

Lodge History 1854 – 2004

(History given at the 150th Anniversary of Key Lodge #7 by Dale Ezell P:.M:. on April 10, 2004)

Key Lodge #7 was organized in 1853 and chartered November 9, 1854 on Lindsey Prairie in Hico Community which was a settlement northeast of what is now Siloam Springs. Number 7 was the number of Napoleon Lodge in Desha County which was chartered in 1842 and went defunct in the late 1840s. Therefore when Key Lodge was chartered it was given #7.

The first known Lodge building is also where the First Baptist Church also met. The Church at that time was called Key Lodge Church , and later became First Baptist Church . The Masons allowed churches and schools the use of their buildings.

In 1872 a new school building was constructed in Hico. Key Lodge #7 met on the lower floor and the Church met on the second level. The schoolhouse was located near Sager Creek where the present transformer station is now on Tahlequah and Madison Streets.

The first Worshipful Master of Key Lodge #7 was Brother Daniel Mason who was also the first Worshipful Master of Cincinnati Lodge #102.

Siloam Springs was founded in 1881, but according to Lodge Minutes Key Lodge was still meeting in Hico in 1892. Brother Daniel Mason, the first Master, was now a member of Cincinnati Lodge. On June 10, 1892 Brother Mason visited Key Lodge and made a few appropriate remarks as follows: "That he was first made a Mason at Cane Hill Lodge #57 F&AM, and that thirty nine years ago, he with several others as charter members, opened Key Lodge #7 F&AM working under a dispensation, he being its first Master. He said that he expected to go to New Mexico this fall, and wished a recommendation from this and other Lodges of which he has been a member".

"Motion with second that the recommendation be granted. Motion granted. Motion with second that Key Lodge #7 offer this as a resolution of respect to Brother D. B. Mason for being one of the charter members working under a dispensation. Also for being the first Master. Motion carried".

In May 1881 minutes a motion was carried that the Lodge participate in picnic of 24th June. Resolution: "Whereas there is to be a picnic at Siloam Springs 24th June 1881 Resolved that there be a committee appointed to confer with citizens in regard to proper arrangements. Invite neighboring Lodges to participate, and invite some Brother to deliver a Masonic Address at that time and place.

On December 29, 1890 at 10:00 AM the minutes show that a meeting was called for the purpose of honoring the anniversary of St. John's Day, and for the purpose of Advance Lodge installing their Officers for the ensuing year. After installation a dinner was served and a good time had by all.

1. On June 24, 1891 "A stated meeting was held of Key Lodge #7 in the Hall of Advance Lodge #435 by special invitation of Advance Lodge. The object of the meeting was to celebrate the anniversary of St. John's Day, and install the officers of the Lodge for the ensuing Masonic year. The Lodge was called to refreshment, and then marched 2 blocks east and then back west to St. Nickolas Avenue, and then to the Park where the officers were publicly installed".

Advance Lodge #435 was chartered in Siloam Springs in 1886. The only record we have of this Lodge is from the Minutes of Key Lodge #7. According to October 1893 minutes "W. F. Brooks notified Advance Lodge that he wanted the Hall at the expiration of this month". "A motion was made and seconded that a committee be appointed to make an effort to unite the two Lodges. Motion carried". The Grand Master was consulted on the matter of consolidating the two Lodges. November 4, 1893 it was "reported that it would be advisable for the Secretary to notify all members of Advance Lodge that at the next regular meeting on November 18, 1893 that a vote would be taken on the proposition to surrender it's charter, and it was considered best for Advance Lodge to give up their charter and go to Key Lodge #7". On November 17, 1893 at a stated meeting of Key Lodge a vote was taken to receive Advance Lodge #435 provided Advance Lodge wished to unite with Key Lodge. On the 18th Advance Lodge did vote to unite with Key Lodge #7.

We have no record of when Key Lodge #7 moved from Hico to Siloam Springs, but the minutes of 1892 show they were still meeting in Hico. In September of 1911 the minutes show that "a proposition was made to trade the Hall for the room over the Lyric Theater. Committee was appointed and authorized to trade to Mr. Shaw, also to lease the room over Alfrey and Alfrey for $100.00 a year". At the next meeting it was reported the trade had been made. Then in December of 1911 a committee was appointed and empowered to buy the front rooms of the Hall and pay $500.00. In February 1912 the committee reported the rooms had been purchased, and the Lodge was to relinquish the stairs in the rear.

A search was made for the location of these buildings. From records at the Siloam Springs museum it was found a "Lyric" building was located on the corner of Mt. Olive and University Streets. This building had a stage but no roof. So it could not have been the building the Masons met in. The Alfrey and Alfrey building was a clothing store on West University Street near the Henry Hardware and the Crown Hotel.

The Lodge and Eastern Star met at a building at the corner of Broadway and Central Streets previous to moving into the current building in 1962. In 1983 the dining room was added with money from the estate of Brother Bob and Sister Louise Frazier, two very dedicated members.

The Lodge has had two Most Worshipful Grand Masters, Brother L. P. Kemper in 1915 and Brother Leslie M. Greene in 1957. In 1962 the Lodge had approximately 250 members, and today we have 62 members.

Highlights from Old Minutes:

Making Good Men Better Since Time Immemorial